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Read Across America Classroom Activity – Would You Rather?

Would You Rather Overview

Celebrate Read Across America with this fun classroom activity for kids! This is the newest addition to the Would You Rather series, and it’s all about READING! 📚

This Read Across America game makes the perfect addition to any reading lesson plan or classroom party. It can be used as a reading brain break or movement activity to get your kids moving 🕺

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How To Play

-You can start by bringing up the video (which can be found below) or you can find it here PE With Mr G 

-When the game starts, players will decide which is their favorite from the 2 choices that will be shown

Read Across America Game .

-If you like the choice on the right, you will move to the right. If you like the choice on the left, you will move to the left

-When playing in a classroom, you can have students either shuffle from one side of their desk to the other or choose a side by pointing to their favorite

-Players will perform the exercises, dances, or yoga poses that follows once the timer reaches zero and the screen changes

Read Across America Game ..

-There are 9 different questions in this fun Would You Rather? Read Across America game for kids! 

-Try your best and have fun! 

Read Across America Game - Would You Rather?

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