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Basketball PE Games: Would You Rather?

Would You Rather? Basketball Edition Overview

-I hope you have your brackets ready because March Madness is finally here! 🏀

-I love doing my PE basketball unit and games around this time of year as it’s an easy way to incorporate a real life event with skills being taught and practiced.

-It’s also fun to set up your own “bracket challenge” with your classes. It doesn’t necessarily have to be basketball related, but it could be with favorite PE games, ice cream flavors, school lunches, etc. You can have students vote each time they come to PE until you eventually get a champion! 🥇

-This Basketball Edition of Would You Rather can be used either as a PE warm up game, a classroom brain break for March Madness, or simply as a fun way to get everyone up and moving.

-You can find my entire selection of PE Warm Up Games by clicking here:

How To Play

-Start by bringing up the video (which can be found below) or you can search for it on YouTube

-Before starting, have your students spread out and find their own personal space

-When the game starts, students will decide which is their favorite from the 2 choices that will be shown

-If you like the choice on the right, you will move to the right. If you like the choice on the left, you will move to the left.

-When playing in a classroom, you can have students either shuffle from one side of their desk to the other or choose a side by pointing to their favorite.

-Students will perform the exercises, dances, or yoga poses that follows once the timer reaches zero and the screen changes.

-There are 9 different questions for this Would You Rather Basketball PE game

-Have fun and I hope you enjoy it!

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Would You Rather Basketball Edition

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