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Spring PE Games: Rabbits On The Run

Rabbits On The Run Overview

-Elves on the run ✅ Cupid on the run ✅ leprechauns on the run ✅ now rabbits on the run!!

-Another fun addition to the interactive PE games and classroom brain break “On The Run” series

-This time your students are the rabbits and will try to collect their lost carrots while avoiding the different obstacles along the way! 🥕

-I would love some feedback for this video either by leaving a comment down below, on Youtube, or by contacting me through email (which can be found above). I tried incorporating some different elements this time, and I’m eager to hear if your students liked them.

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How To Play

-Start by bringing up the video (which can be found below) or you can search for it on YouTube

-There are 3 different levels in Rabbits On The Run

-Players will follow along and perform the movements as they appear on the screen to avoid the different obstacles

-Each level will increase in difficulty as there will be more obstacles and the speed of the game will get faster

-Before starting each level, there will be a picture showing what obstacles to watch out for and how to avoid them

-Have your rabbits work their way through the different levels to help collect the missing carrots!

Fun Add-ons

-You can challenge your students to keep track of how many total carrots there are throughout the game. In case you were wondering, there are 57 total! 😄

Spring PE Games: Rabbits On The Run

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