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Find The Gnome: Halloween Edition!

Halloween Brain Break Activity – Find The Gnome Overview!

If you’re looking for Halloween brain break activities or Halloween PE games, I would highly suggest the “Find the Gnome” series! πŸŽƒ

My students absolutely love this series! I enjoy using them as a PE warm up game or as a fun classroom activity on those days when the gym is occupied πŸ˜†

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How To Play

-You can start by bringing up the video (which can be found below) or you can search for it on YouTube (PE With Mr G)

-Students will watch the video and try to track the gnome as it moves and hides behind the pumpkins throughout the round 

–At the end of the round, students will try to guess which pumpkin the gnome is hiding behind by performing the exercise, yoga pose, or dance associated with that pumpkin

-There are 3 different levels in the game with 1 bonus level at the end!

-Each level will progressively get harder (more pumpkins to hide behind, more movements, quicker transitions, etc.)

-Have fun and do your best!

Halloween Brain Break Activity – Find The Gnome!

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Virtual Arcade!

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