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PE Games: Zombie Tag

I feel like I say this a lot, but seriously, this tag game definitely ranks in my top 5 favorite! Even though I would classify this as a Halloween PE game, my students will beg to play it throughout the year. This is also one of those games that will get your students cheering with excitement the second you introduce it! 😎

How To Play:

  • Select 1 student to start off as the infected zombie and give them the pool noodle. This is the only zombie that will be allowed to run in the game.
  • The rest of the students will start off as “survivors”
  • Everyone must stay on lines of the gym (this is the biggest rule). It doesn’t matter if you’re a survivor or zombie you must stay on the lines
  • There is no line jumping. Line jumping is when students jump from one line over to the next one.
  • If a student/survivor is tagged, they are no longer a survivor and get turned into a zombie. To become a zombie, they must either walk on their knees, crawl on their bellies, or bear crawl. Remember they must stay on the lines.
  • These new zombies now become taggers as they are as well and will try to tag survivors that are still in the game to try and infect them.
  • Zombies are allowed to work together to try and trap survivors that are still in the game.
  • Play either for a certain time limit or until you have 1 lone survivor

Helpful Hints

  • If a survivor and a zombie get into a disagreement/discussion on whether or not they got tagged; have them play rock, paper, scissors to decide who wins. This will help eliminate any arguing in the game!

Video On How To Play Zombie Tag:

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7 thoughts on “PE Games: Zombie Tag

    1. Yes! You can play by using hula-hoops if you don’t have lines. Have zombies put one foot in a hula hoop and they must drag it on the ground as they try to tag other players in the game. If a player gets tagged, they come over to the hula hoop stack, grab one, set it on the ground, and become a zombie tagger. You could even add in where they grab a noodle to help with kids not getting pushed or tagged top hard.

    1. Glad they loved it! My students go crazy for this game and every now and then I like playing it randomly throughout the year.

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