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Halloween Classroom Games For Kids – Luigi’s Halloween Run!


This might be one of my favorite Halloween brain breaks yet! 👻

I hope you’re not scared of ghost! Luigi’s friends have gone missing, and I have a feeling King Boo has something to do with it.

Help Luigi rescue his friends by dodging the obstacles and solving the puzzles.

Luigi’s Halloween run makes for a fun Halloween classroom game for kids or brain break activity that will definitely get everyone up and moving! 

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How To Play

-You can start by bringing up the video (which can be found below) or you can find it here PE With Mr G 

-King Boo has taken over and Toad, Mario, and Princess Peach have gone missing!

-It’s up to you to help Luigi rescue them by dodging the obstacles and solving the puzzles 

-There are 3 different events in Luigi’s Halloween Run

-Each event will increase in difficulty with more obstacles and the speed of the game will get faster

-Good luck and watch out because you never know what evil tricks King Boo might have! 👻

Halloween Classroom Games - Luigi's Halloween Run!

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