Field Day

How To Create A Virtual Field Day

Virtual Field Day

-UPDATE- I posted this last year, but made a couple of updates and changes to the original post. I hope you find the resources and template to be helpful! 😄

Field day is finally here, and it doesn’t look anything like I imagined it would when I started rough drafting ideas in February.

I liked the idea of OPEN’s national field day and included one of their games, but we typically hold ours at the end of May, so I thought it was a little early for us. I also like being different and being able to create my own resources. 😎

The Overview

When planning our field day I had 2 major things in mind:

1. Make it for families:

-Covid-19 has put a lot of stress on everyone and I wanted a day where everyone could spend time together, have fun, and relax

2. Games with minimal equipment:

-I didn’t want anyone to have to go out and buy anything for a game. I tried to list as many alternatives for equipment as I could think of

The Set-Up

-Students and families can choose from 20 different games and activities

-Everyone can choose to keep score or just play for fun

Link To Virtual Field Day

-This is created in google slides which means you can make any changes that you want

-In order to make changes you have to make your own copy first! Unfortunately, I can’t give you access to my hard copy otherwise it will mess everything up

-With this template, you can easily swap out any game/activity that you would like.

-If you’re looking for more social distant game ideas you can find them here:

PE Teacher Apparel

-As many of you know, almost all of my resources are free, and I love being able to help out any way that I can!

-If you would like to support my YouTube channel and website, please feel free to check out my Merchandise Store! 😄

Video Overview & Additional Help

-I tried to make the set-up and process as simple as I could.

-I know a lot of people have experience using google slides, but if you want the video overview or need additional help on how to make changes to add in your own games then the following video will be helpful.

-I hope this virtual field day can be helpful for you and something that your students will love. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and I would love to help!

Stay Connected & Share Ideas

Find the best collection of resources and other physical educators at The PE Lounge. 🏀

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23 thoughts on “How To Create A Virtual Field Day

  1. I wanted to thank you for sharing this Field Day it was such a time saver. It was so kind of you to teach an older PE teacher how to do this!

  2. How did you present it to the students- When I published it to the web I get a link. when i click on the link- it presents in Present mode but it will only stay on a slide for 1 minute. Ugh. Plesae help Thank you so much because I love this set up,

    1. For our field day, I gave all of the teachers the link and then they shared that link with their students. I didn’t mention anything about being in present mode because it should all still work whether your in present mode or not. In order to share the link with students, staff, etc. here is what you have to do: 1. Once you’re all finished with everything go to the top right corner and click share 2. Next click on get a link. Make sure the setting say “anyone on the internet with this link can view” if it doesn’t you will have to click the change button so it does say this 3. Click on “copy link” and now you can put it in emails, facebook, etc. Anyone that clicks on the link will be able to see your field day. I hope that helps!

  3. Thank you so much this is awesome. I am running into a problem. When I hit present mode- every thing is interactive but if I use the arrow keys it will automatically skip to the next page- Do youknow how to diable this? I was able to figure out how to stop it from advancing when just clicking on a slide but when I use my fingers on the pad it advances to the next side on. How can I make that stop? Did you have that problem?

    THank you

  4. Hi, Tyler, Thanks so much for sharing your resources! I work at a public library in NJ and was trying to come up with some challenges for the kids to do to earn raffle tickets while doing their assigned summer reading. This will be a fun and different addition to the usual literacy challenges. I will be sure to give you credit when using it. Thanks again and be safe!
    Ellie S.

  5. This is such a great resource! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and expertise! You have given me a great foundation to build our virtual field day!! God bless!

  6. Thank you so much for this great resource! The same ideas were in my head but the way you were able to organize it in this way is wonderful! Thanks again!

  7. Dearest Mr G.,
    I just wanted to THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for sharing your virtual field day to us for free!! I’m a second grade teacher here in RI trying to keep the moral up with the fun end of the year activities that we usually do. We reached out to our gym teacher but, no luck… I can’t express how excited I am to hear how many of my students earn that gold medal! Your hard work is extremely appreciated! Thank you again! Patty

    1. You’re so welcome and hope your students love it! We had our end of the year parade tonight and I loved hearing how many students did all 20 activities!

  8. Tyler, your videos and help have been awesome man. I took some advice on your virtual field day stuff and I’m super excited to try some of the things out with the kids from my school. Thank you for all of your great resources overall..i’ve taught PE now for the last 2 years (after being a regular homeroom teacher for 10+ yrs as well as an athletics coach for the last 15+) and as different of a world it is from the actually classroom I would NOT change back! It’s great to see professionals share their craft!, it’s rare where i’m from.. Thanks many times over brother, keep up the great work and please stay safe. Prayers to you, your family, and your school district on a better than normal return to school when the situation at hand in the world is over.
    -Jamal D.

    1. Thank you so much!!! I’m really glad my resources can be helpful and hope your kids love them. It’s definitely rare where I’m from as well, but I want to try to help as many PE teachers out that I can. I hope the same for you also and that we can return back to our normal routines and lifestyles soon!

  9. Trying to contact you on TpT. i have a new account but cannot find how to “follow” you for a contact. Thoughts?

    1. Hey thanks for reaching out to me! There should be a “follow me” star at the top of my main page. I hope that helps!

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