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St. Patrick’s Day Games For Kids – Race For The Jackpot!


Who Will Win? – Race For The Jackpot is a fun St. Patrick’s Day game for kids! This game was created as an interactive virtual activity to help get kids / students up and moving! 🏃‍♂️

The layout for this game is a little different compared to my other Who Will Wins, as I was experimenting with some new features

You can use this activity as a St. Patrick’s Day brain break, a classroom movement game, an elementary PE game, or a fun fitness workout for kids! 💪

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How To Play

-You can start by bringing up the video (which can be found below) or you can find it here PE With Mr G 

-Before starting each round, players will select the team / player they want to win

-Next they will complete the exercise, dance, or yoga pose that goes with the team they picked for 30 seconds 💪

-When the race starts, players can either run in place or cheer on their team to win!

-Whoever crosses the finish line first is the winner

-Be sure to play all 7 races to see who the champion will be! 🏁

Who Will Win? - Race For The Jackpot!

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