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St. Patrick’s Day PE Games: Find The Gnome

Find The Gnome St. Patrick’s Day Edition Overview

-As I was planning out virtual PE games for St. Patrick’s Day, I knew at least one of them had to be a new Find The Gnome! πŸ€

-These definitely take a long time to put everything together, but are now one of my favorite games to create because of the endless possibilities

-What makes this game unique, is the fact that the objects/pictures actually move and shift around the screen. This really adds a new element to these types of games, as students aren’t just guessing, but are trying to track the gnome as he shifts and moves around!

-Also be sure to check out the bonus round after level 3. It’s different from the other rounds and will provide a fun challenge for everyone.

-If you missed the first one, you can watch Find The Gnome: Valentine’s Day Edition below. You can also check out my newest addition to the Yoga Freeze Dance series. πŸ•Ί

How To Play

-Start by bringing up the video (which can be found below) or you can search for it on Youtube

-Students will watch the video and try to track the gnome as it moves and hides behind the coins throughout the round 

–At the end of the round, students will try to guess which coin the gnome is hiding behind by performing the exercise, yoga pose, or dance associated with that coin

-There are 3 different levels in the game with 1 bonus level at the end

-Each level will progressively get harder (more coins to hide behind, more movements, etc.)

-Have fun and do your best!

PE Teacher Apparel

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St. Patrick’s Day PE Games: Find The Gnome

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