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Thanksgiving PE Games: I Spy – Thanksgiving Edition

-I Spy – Thanksgiving Edition, is a fun interactive Thanksgiving PE game!

-I’ll admit, I have been loving all of these new interactive PE games. It seems like every week there are new ones being shared and the level of creativity is amazing!

-If you’re looking for more thanksgiving games, feel free to also checkout Turkeys On The Run!

How to play

-Start by bringing up the video (which can be found below) or searching for it on YouTube

-Students will be given a specific time limit to study the picture

-After the time as ran out, students will answer the questions that follow by doing the exercises, dance moves, or yoga poses.

-This process will be repeated throughout the game

-There are 3 different levels in the game

-Each level will get more challenging (harder pictures, more answers to choose from, less time to study the picture)

-Do your best and have fun! 😄

Fun Add-ons

-You can make each question worth 1 point

-Have students keep track of how many points they can earn throughout the game

Thanksgiving PE Games: I Spy – Thanksgiving Edition

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