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This or That Thanksgiving Edition! 🦃


This or That is one of the staple games that teachers can use in any activity because it’s enjoyable, creative, and it also adds a unique range of elements into the mix. To make things even better, the This or That Thanksgiving Edition adds a stunning Thanksgiving theme, and it makes the game exciting but, at the same time, very immersive and enjoyable while also offering an excellent holiday treat!

How can you play This or That Thanksgiving Edition?

The This or That Thanksgiving Edition game is very easy to understand, and it comes with a simple set of rules, as follows:

  • Every game session will present you with 2 different choices, and you can choose either the left or right option depending on what you want/like.
  • If you like the choice on the right, you need to move to the right. Similarly, if you want the choice on the left, then you have to move towards that side.
  • You will need to complete the activity that follows that choice-selection screen, and then you complete the game.
  • As you play, This or That Thanksgiving Edition will have its own mini-games that you might have to complete as well, something you need to take into consideration here.

An immersive, fun adventure!

This or That Thanksgiving Edition gives you a creative, unique approach to the This or That game, while also making it very enjoyable and one of the top fall brain breaks. Kids need to react quickly and constantly be on their toes as they figure out how to play and what ideas they need to bring to the table.

Every game session is engaging, because the levels require quick reaction times, and you need to be very fast with your answer. That’s why it’s one of the best Thanksgiving brain breaks for kindergarten, because it features an amazing theme, yet it also engages kids to play and answer quickly.

Once you start playing This or That Thanksgiving Edition, you will get hooked and want to continue playing again and again. It’s one of the best Thanksgiving classroom games, one that’s very immersive, fun, and filled with stunning adventures. Not only that, but the graphics here are second to none, and they further add to the appeal and quality of the game. We encourage you to give This or That Thanksgiving Edition a try with your students, and you’ll see they will have an amazing time playing the game and improving their reaction times!

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