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Witch Tag: A Spooky Halloween Warm-Up Game for Elementary PE

Halloween is the perfect time to infuse some festive fun into your elementary PE classes. If you’re on the hunt for engaging Halloween warm-up games and activities, look no further! ‘Witch Tag’ is the ideal way to kick off your Halloween-themed lessons. In this blog post, we’ll unravel the game’s setup, gameplay, and explore other exciting Halloween games that’ll have your students enchanted with physical activity.

Game Setup:

Witch Tag: Brew the Excitement

  • The tagger for this game is the witch. The witch’s mission is to capture the trick-or-treaters and turn them into ghosts.

Taggers on Broomsticks:

  • Choose 2-3 students to be a witch.  The witch will ride on a broom stick (pool noodle) as they navigate around the gym.

Pumpkins and Trick-or-Treaters:

  • Choose two lucky students to be the pumpkins. They will hold orange balls to distinguish themselves. The rest of the students play the role of trick-or-treaters, ready for a Halloween adventure.


Turning Trick-or-Treaters into Ghosts:

  • The witch’s goal is to tag the trick-or-treaters. Once tagged, these students transform into ghosts. As ghosts, they can’t move but must sway back and forth, and can make ghostly sounds

Rescue by the Pumpkins:

  • Don’t worry, though! The pumpkins play a crucial role in this Halloween game. They can turn the ghosts back into trick-or-treaters by gently tagging them with their orange balls.

Additional Rules

  • The pumpkins are the only students safe and can’t be tagged by a witch

Continuous Magic:

  • To keep the Halloween magic flowing, consider assigning new witches and pumpkins every few minutes. 


‘Witch Tag’ is the perfect warm-up game to kick off your Halloween PE classes. It combines imaginative play with physical activity, setting the tone for a spellbinding and active lesson. So, don your witch’s hat and get ready to brew some excitement in your elementary PE classes this Halloween season!

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If ‘Witch Tag’ has cast a spell on your students, explore more Halloween games and activities to keep the Halloween spirit alive in your PE classes. From ghostly games to spirited warm-ups, we’ve got a cauldron full of ideas to make this Halloween a memorable one for your students. Stay tuned for more Halloween-themed PE adventures!

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