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Winter PE Games – The Battle of Whoville

The Battle of Whoville Overview

If you’re not sure what to do or play the last week before winter break, I highly recommend The Battle of Whoville! ❄️

It’s a big team game that involves a lot of teamwork, throwing, defending, catching, strategy, and best of all – 100% participation!

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-20 Bowling Pins

-40 Poly Dots (optional)


-4 Pinnies/Vests

How To Play – Written Rules

-To start the game, you will divide your gym in half. If you choose to use poly dots, be sure to put the same amount on both sides and spread them out

-Next, divide up your bowling pins and put the same amount on each side. The bowling pins will represent the presents of Whoville

-Spread the dodgeballs out, and these will represent the snowballs. Students can either throw or roll the snowballs in the game

-Divide your students into 2 equal teams. On each team, select 1-2 students to be the Grinch, and they will wear the jersey

-The players who are the Grinch, are the only players who can cross the cone line in the middle of the gym

-The object of the game is to be the team with the most presents at the end of the round

-When the game starts, students can begin rolling and throwing the snowballs to hit a present. At the same time, students are allowed to catch and block the snowballs to protect their presents

-There are 2 different ways a present can be stolen:

  • 1. The first way is if a player throws or rolls a snowball, and it knocks a bowling pin/present down. The Grinch from that team is now allowed to cross the line, grab the broken present, bring it back to their side, and set it up on one of the empty dots
  • 2. If a player accidentally bumps into their present and knocks it down. This would allow the Grinch from the other team to run over, grab the broken present, and set it up on their side

-This is a continuous game where each team will battle back and forth until the end of the round

-At the end of the round, add up to see which team has the most present

-Before starting a new round, give each team a couple of minutes to discuss strategy and choose 1-2 new players to be the Grinch

Winter PE Games – The Battle of Whoville

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