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Elementary PE Games – Steal The Treasure

Steal The Treasure Overview

If you’re looking for a fun and interactive PE game for K-2, then I would highly recommend steal the treasure! 🏴‍☠️

This activity can easily be used in an invasion unit, a chasing and fleeing unit, or just as an awesome physed game!

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You can find both the video and written description down below  ⬇️


-3 Hula Hoops

– 4-6 Buckets

– 2 Pool Noodles

– A large amount of pool noodles cut into small sections or bean bags

How To Play

-Start by spreading your buckets down a line and these will represent each team’s treasure chest (depending on how many students you have, will determine how many buckets you need)

-Next, spread your hula-hoops out and add in the bean bags.  The hula-hoops will represent the treasure chests or islands and the bean bags or noodles will represent the treasure! 

-Lastly, divide your students into 4-6 different teams and have them stand behind a bucket

level 1 steal the treasure

-For the majority of my PE games, I love using gamification techniques and breaking them down into levels.  Level 1 is always the easiest, and then it progressively gets harder

-Level 1 is fairly simple and straight forward, but allows students to understand how the game will work.  

-When the round starts, the first person from each team will run down to one of the treasure chest or islands, and grab one piece of treasure.  After they have grabbed one, they will run back as fast as they can, place it in their bucket, and then give a high-five to the next person in line to go.  After returning to their team, they will go to the end of the line and cheer on the next person.  This is exactly like a relay race.

-This can continue until all the treasure is gone or for a set time limit

-At the end of the round, you can have teams add up their treasure or get right to level 2

**I forgot to mention this in my video, but I always have teams dump their treasure back into the hula-hoops before starting a new level

Level 2

-In round 2, you’re going to add a guard into the game.  The guard will be in charge of protecting the treasure by running back and forth trying to tag anyone who tries to steal a piece. 

level 2 steal the treasure

-If a student gets tagged on their way down, they must turn around, go back to their team, and give the next person a high-five (they don’t get to grab one)

-If a students grabs a piece, but then gets tagged on their way back to their bucket, then they must return the treasure to the hula-hoop before running back to their team to give the next person a high-five

-This round can continue until all the treasure is gone or for another set time limit

Level 3

-For level 3, you can make it as challenging as you want

-You can either add in 2-3 guards or if you really want to get your students excited you can join the game to become the Ultimate Treasure Protector! 

-You can also change the rule to where thieves are now allowed to grab more than one piece if they want to take the risk

-The same rules apply as they did in level 2

Video Overview - Steal The Treasure

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