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PE At Home: Scavenger Hunt Word Battle

When I was thinking of different pe at home games, I really wanted to include some type of activity that could be played by the whole family. Not only this, but a game that would get everyone active and use some cross curricular instruction.

Thinking….thinking….brain blast!

Scrabble has always been one of my favorite board games, but doesn’t require any movement….boooo!

But! What if instead of drawing letters from a bag (boring), players would be responsible for finding their own letters like a scavenger hunt?!

Movement + Thinking + Word Building = Ultimate Family Game

Things You Will Need:

  • 2-4 sets of letters. You can either make them and cut them out (a good activity for your kids) or you can click here and print them out:
  • Some type of scoring sheet if you decide to keep score. You can make your own or use the one I created which can be found here:

How To Play:

Step 1– Decide how you’re going to play

  • Teams or no teams?

Step 2- Create some letters

  • Depending on how many people you have playing, you will want at least 2-4 sets of letters

Step 3- Hide the letters!

  • Have someone who isn’t playing the game hide the letters
  • Put some inside, outside, anywhere you want!

Step 4- Set a time limit and let the scavenger hunt begin!

Step 5- After the time is up, bring everyone back together, and have them bring all of the letters they found

Step 6- Determine how you will keep score. There are 3 different ways:

  • Play just for fun and no score keeping
  • Number of letters in a word = that many points. For example 2 letter words = 2 points, 3 letter words = 3 points, etc.
  • Each word is worth 1 point regardless of how many letters it has

Step 7- Set a new time limit and start creating as many words as you can with your letters before the time runs out. Once you create a word, make sure to write it down!

Video Overview

If want to see this entire pe at home game explained and in action then you can find it here:

1 thought on “PE At Home: Scavenger Hunt Word Battle

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