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PE At Home: Garage Door Challenges

We are keeping the PE At Home unit rolling today with a new activity called garage door challenges!

My goal when making these pe games/activities is to be able to use equipment that every student would already have at their house.

Equipment Needed:

  • Some type of ball that you can throw and catch
  • Painters tape, chalk, or something to be able to build a shape

Helpful Hints For:


  • Review overhand throwing – the biggest mistake kids make when overhand throwing is stepping with the same foot. Make sure they are stepping with the opposite foot!
  • This is a easy outdoor game for your kids that they can do on their own


  • The google sheet can be distributed as is, or it can be copied so you can add to it, or make any changes


  • When making a shape the bigger it is – the easier the challenges will be, the smaller your shape is – the harder the challenges will be
  • Using different sized balls will also change the difficulty. For example a tennis ball compared to a playground kickball

Complete Overview

Check out the full explanation of PE At Home #3 Garage Door Challenges:

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