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PE At Home: PE Scavenger Hunt

So I know I have another pe at home game/activity that is based on a scavenger hunt. If you haven’t seen it already, you can click the following: Scavenger Hunt Word Battle.

However, this new activity is based on combining the idea of of a traditional scavenger hunt with P.E. and having students perform locomotor movements along with other challenges.

There are 2 different scavenger hunts:

PE Scavenger Hunt

  • This is a great outdoor pe activity for grades K-5
  • I created this in a google doc so you can make any changes as needed
    • In order to make any changes you must make your own copy first!
  • Students will “find and do” each challenge
    • For example: if the challenge is find something to jump over. Students will first find something such as a stick on the ground and then run and jump over it.
  • Here is the link to the worksheet for the PE Scavenger Hunt:

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

  • This outdoor pe activity is geared more towards grades K-2, but it could definitely be used for 3-5 as well
  • Unfortunately, I couldn’t make this in a google doc which means you won’t be able to make any changes
  • Students can walk in either their neighborhood, park, etc. with their family. As they find the pictures on the worksheet, they will color them in
  • Here is the link to the worksheet for the Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt:

Video Overview

If want to see the entire overview and explanation of this activity, then you can find it here:

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