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PE At Home: Online Resources For Physed

There is no doubt that the coronavirus has really thrown a curveball into everyday living. As I’m writing this post, all of the schools in my state (Ohio) have been required to shut down for at least 3 weeks, but could definitely be longer depending on how this plays out.

I’m in several PE related facebook groups and also manage my own called The PE Lounge and would highly recommend joining one if you haven’t already!

As more states continue to close schools, there have been an abundance of resources that have been created and shared within these groups. This quickly became an overwhelming situation, but in a good way! 😁

Below I have compiled a list of these online physed resources and games in order to help parents and teachers as they turn to online instruction.

Feel free to bookmark it or add it to your drive as I plan to make frequent updates with new resources.

Click here for pe online resources:

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