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PE Games: Jumping Around The World

Now this warm up game/instant activity is one I actually got from a conference last year. I waited until our Jump Rope for Heart Unit to use it and it was perfect. I also used this game as a warm up for my P.E. observation and received really good feedback which was even more of a bonus!

How To Play:

  • First you will need to build a giant rectangle around the gym using cones
  • Before starting, you will need to decide on how the game will be played. Addition, subtraction, or multiplication? You can also change the amount of numbers students can show. For example 1-5 for younger students or 1-10 for older students.
  • To start, students will find a partner and they will all start at the same cone
  • Once they have a partner, they will place their hands behind their back, and jump 3 times together
  • After the 3rd jump, they will their number out in front of them
  • Depending on how you’re playing, whatever student can either add, subtract, or multiply the numbers together first and say the correct answer would be the winner.
  • If a student wins, they will run to the next cone
  • If a student loses they will stay at that cone until they win
  • When the answer is said at the same time then it is a tie and they will play again

Helpful Hints:

  • During this warm up game/instant activity you may have to make a rule where you can’t show the same number twice.
  • This is usually only a handful of students, but it will take away the critical thinking component of the game.
  • What I tell students you can’t show the same number twice. If you show the number 2 at the first level you will have to show a different number at the next level before showing 2 again.

Fun Element:

I always add some type of medal incentive system to majority of my pe games and instant activities. For example:

  • 1 time around the gym – bronze medal
  • 2 times around the gym – silver medal
  • 3 times around the gym – gold medal
  • 4 time around the gym – Olympic/hall of fame

Video on how to play:

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