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Toilet Tag – A Hilarious and Active Tag Game for Elementary PE Classes

Looking for a new and exciting tag game to engage your elementary school students in PE class? Look no further than “Toilet Tag”! 🚽 This game not only provides a fun and energetic experience but also helps develop important motor skills, endurance, agility, spatial awareness, and teamwork. With no equipment required, it’s easy to set up and play within your designated playing area. Get ready for laughter and excitement as your students dodge, flee, and try to avoid becoming a “toilet” in this thrilling tag game.

Game Instructions:

-Toilet Tag involves designating a clear playing area with boundaries where players must remain. Choose 2-3 students to take on the role of the “toilet taggers.” Their objective is to tag other players and turn them into “toilets.” When a player is tagged, they must immediately freeze and put one hand out and this acts as their flusher.  

-To rejoin the game, a player who is still free must run over and push the toilet’s hand down, symbolizing flushing the toilet. The toilet can spin in a circle after being flushed, and this action frees the toilet player, allowing them to continue participating in the game. The game can be played for a set time or until only a few players remain untagged.


-Toilet Tag can be customized to suit the needs and preferences of your students. You can modify the number of toilet taggers based on the size of your class or create additional rules to add more excitement. Consider playing the game for different time intervals or introducing obstacles within the playing area to increase the challenge level.


-Toilet Tag is a fantastic addition to your inventory of tag games for elementary PE classes. Its simplicity, lack of equipment requirements, and focus on active movement make it a popular choice among students. By incorporating Toilet Tag into your lessons, you’ll provide a fun and engaging way for your students to develop essential motor skills, improve endurance, and foster teamwork. Get ready for a memorable and laughter-filled experience as your students navigate the playing area, avoiding becoming toilets, and racing to free their classmates. Start playing Toilet Tag and make PE class a truly unforgettable adventure!

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