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PE Games: Turtle Tag

So this pe warm up game and instant activity may have to go in the hall of fame. I created this game a few years ago and it instantly became a class favorite for my students in Grades K-2.

How To Play:

  • Select 2-3 taggers to be it. Helpful hint- I always use pool noodles to eliminate students from falling down or getting tagged to hard
  • Everyone else will be trying to stay away from the taggers
  • One safe spot in the game is going inside your turtle shell. To do this, students will get down on the ground and cover their head. If a student is inside their shell, they are safe and can’t be tagged.
  • If a student does get tagged, they will lay on their back and put their hands and feet up in the air. We call this being a turtle on its back.
  • In order to get back in, another student must come over and grab both hands and help them back to their feet.

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