PE Warm Up Games

PE Games: Crab Attack

PE Game For Grades: 1st-5th
  • Cones to mark the playing area
  1. Mark off a designated area with cones. If you play the whole gym it will be way too big!! I like making a square with cones and you can adjust it as needed
  2. Select 3-4 students to be taggers and they will start as the crabs and must crab walk
  3. All of the other students will be on their feet and will try to stay away from the crabs as long as they can
  4. If a students gets tagged by a crab, they become a crab as well and will get down on the ground and can now tag students as well.  Crabs/taggers will grow in numbers as the game goes on
  5. Play unil there are only a handful of students left in the game 


Helpful Hint

  • If students can’t decide if they got tagged or not, then just have them play RPS 

Safety Concerns:

  • Stress the importance of not grabbing onto legs but just tagging with foot or hand to avoid tripping and students falling
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