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PE Games: Rock, Paper, Scissors Showdown

Want to watch the full version on how to play?! Click the following link: 

PE Games: Rock, Paper, Scissors Showdown

  1. Poly dots (optional)
  2. Some type of squishy balls where students can easily throw them, but students will not get hurt if they are hit.
  1. Have students grab a partner and place the ball in between them
  2. Have students play rock, paper, scissors.
  3. Whoever wins will grab the ball.  At the same time the losing partner will turn and run in a STRAIGHT LINE(safety reasons) back to the wall.
  4. The student with the ball is trying to either roll or throw the ball at their partner to hit them before they reach the wall.  The partner who is running is trying to get to the wall without getting hit. This may sound confusing, but I promise it’s not or just watch the video for an example 😀
  5. If the student with the ball can hit their partner they get a point. If the thrower misses or the partner reaches the wall then the student running gets a point.  
  6. Have students run the ball back and continue to play until they reach a designated score or you can choose to not keep score.  

Safety Concerns:
  1. Stress the importance of running in a straight line to avoid collisions and accidents
  2. It’s helpful it you have students run the ball back instead of throwing it especially with elementary.
Additional ways to play:
  1. You can add where whoever wins must do a designated exercise before grabbing the ball for example 4 jumping jacking the they are allowed to grab the ball and throw.  This is a good addition especially if you are having students throw overhand.  
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