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PE Games: Lightening Tag

Overview: This is one of my favorite pe warm up games and instant activities. It requires no equipment and gives students a ton of opportunity to be moving around the gym.

For Grades: 3rd-5th

How to play:

  • Everyone is it, anyone can be tagged, and there are no safe areas
  • When the game starts, students will be running around the gym trying to tag other students while avoiding being tagged.
  • If a student is tagged, they must take a knee and remember who got them out and will watch this player.
  • This player is allowed back in, once the player that tagged this gets out.
  • This is a continuous game that can be played for several minutes or broken down into rounds.

Helpful hints:

  • If two students tag each other at the same time (this is going to happen) then have them play rock, paper, scissors.
  • Whoever wins, gets to stay in the game. Whoever loses will take a knee.
  • I’ve also found it helpful to remind students to tag gently when they play. This eliminates students falling down and getting hurt.

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