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PE Games: Tower Take Down










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PE Games: Tower Take Down


  1. Dodgeballs 
  2. 10 cones (can vary)
  3. Small balls that will stay on top on the cones (tennis balls, whiffle balls, etc.)


  1. Divide the students into two teams.  
  2. Place an equal number of towers on each (cone with ball on top)
  3. Students must stay on their side at all times
  4. When the instructor says “go” students will begin throwing the balls to try and destroy the other team’s towers.  A tower is considered “destroyed” when the ball on top of the cone falls off.  
  5. Students can also play defense and guard their towers by standing in front of them and catch the balls as they are being thrown 
  6. This is a continuous game and I usually play rounds lasting 3-4 minutes before adding different elements to the game.

Additional ways to play:

  1. If a student catches a ball, they have the ability to rebuild a tower by setting the tennis ball back on the cone.  
  2. Move the towers at varying distances so some are closer while others are further back.
  3. Play a championship round where students cannot rebuild their towers if they’re destroyed.  Recommended for grades 3-5 only. 
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1 thought on “PE Games: Tower Take Down

  1. One element I have added for some of my classes who are especially good at defending their towers is to give each team a “spy” who is permitted to go onto the other team’s side with varying restrictions. It is something worth trying!

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