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PE Games: Fill The Cookie Jar

The perfect overhand throwing game your students will love!

Want to watch the full video on how to play?! Click the following link: 

*PE Games: Fill The Cookie Jar


  1. Some type of soft ball (squishy dodge balls work great or fleece balls)
  2. Gymnastic mats that you can stand up on their side
  3. Cones to divide the gym, but not necessary


1. Divide the students into two teams.  

2.  You can set up cones to divide the gym in half

3. Set up the gymnastic mats so they make a big fortress which will represent the cookie jar. 

3. Before the round starts, pick a handful of students to be inside the jar and they will be in charge of throwing any cookies out that land inside.  

4. One team will start as the cookie throwers and must stay behind the coned area

5. The other team will be the cookie jar defenders and will try to catch or block the cookies from landing in the jar.

6. This is a continuous game and I like to play fast rounds so everyone gets a turn to be inside the cookie jar as this is a popular job everyone will want! 😀 

Additional ways to play:

You can add a point value to the game where each cookie that lands in the jar is worth 5 points and for the defenders each cookie caught or thrown back is worth 5 points as well. 


I always try to build a big cookie jar so 5-10 students can be in it at a time.  For second grade, I usually build it away from the wall to make it more challenging when trying to throw. 

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