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PE Games: Yoga Freeze Dance #3

Yoga Freeze Dance Overview

-I’m excited to have another addition to the Yoga Freeze Dance series! ❄️

-The last two I created were more Holiday themed, but I would consider this one to be more generic like #1 and #2 with a variety of different characters and dancing.

-These types of activities are fun interactive games that can be used as a warm-up for virtual students, in person learning, or as a classroom brain break! 😄

-These continue to be a class favorite especially with my K-2 students.

-If you’re looking for more Yoga Freeze Dance videos you can use the search bar above, or you can find Yoga Freeze Dance #1 and Yoga Freeze Dance #2 here:

How To Play

-Start by bringing up the video (which can be found below) or you can search for it on YouTube

-When the music starts, your students will start dancing or moving around

-You can either dance along or come up with your own dance moves

-When the music stops, you will look at the screen and freeze like the yoga pose for 20 seconds.

-Yoga poses will get harder as the game goes on

-This will continue until the end of the game

Fun Add-ons

-I’ve said this before in some of my other posts, but one thing I love to include with this activity is the Dance Move Hall Of Fame.

-All you do is keep track of what class has the best dance moves throughout the week and write them on your whiteboard. Classes will be competing to be the dance move champions! You can really hype this up especially with your younger students before you start to play. 🕺

PE Teacher Apparel

-As many of you know, I keep almost everything on my website free and love helping out any way that I can!

-If you would like to support my YouTube channel and website, I just created a new Merchandise Store, so feel free to browse for some new physed ed apparel! 😄

Yoga Freeze Dance #3

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