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Valentine’s Day PE Games: Would You Rather?

Would You Rather Valentine’s Day Edition Overview

-I figured it was finally about time that I jump on the bandwagon and create a Would You Rather / This or That interactive PE game!

-It only took till February….. no big deal 😅

-I’ve seen probably a hundred different versions of these for every holiday, theme, subject, etc. that you can think of. There are even YouTube channels strictly dedicated to making Would You Rather / This or That videos.

-I’ve put together smaller ones before, but I really wanted to focus on one that would be for Valentine’s Day and be used either as a PE warm up or a classroom brain break.

-If you’re looking for more Valentine’s Day PE games you can find Cupid On The Run and Find the Gnome here:

How To Play

-Start by bringing up the video (which can be found below) or you can search for it on YouTube

-Before starting, have your students spread out and find their own personal space

-When the game starts, students will decide which is their favorite from the 2 choices that will be shown

-If you like the choice on the right, you will move to the right. If you like the choice on the left, you will move to the left.

-When playing in a classroom, you can have students either shuffle from one side of their desk to the other or choose a side by pointing to their favorite.

-Students will perform the exercises, dances, or yoga poses that follows once the timer reaches zero and the screen changes.

-There are 8 different Would You Rather questions throughout the game

-Have fun and I hope you enjoy it!

Would You Rather Valentine’s Day Edition

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