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Valentine’s Day PE Games: Find The Gnome

Find The Gnome Overview

I’m not going to lie, I’m super excited to share this new Valentine’s Day PE Game called Find The Gnome.  

I’ve seen a lot of virtual PE games set up like this, but I’ve never seen any that show the objects actually moving on the screen. 

When creating this game, I imagined it like the old army/carnival game of 3 shells and a pea or 3 cups and a ball.  I wanted to take that same idea and create different levels using a Valentine’s Day theme.

I spent a lot of time over Christmas break trying to figure out how to make this happen and after a couple of hours and maybe a headache or two, I had figured out a pretty good system.  😄

If you’re still teaching virtual and looking for game ideas, you can find my entire collection of Virtual Winter PE Games here:

How To Play

-Start by bringing up the video (which can be found below) or you can search for it on Youtube

– Students will watch the video and try to track the gnome as it moves and hides behind the hearts throughout the round 

– At the end of the round, students will try to guess which heart the gnome is hiding behind by performing the exercise, yoga pose, or dance associated with that heart

-There are 3 different levels in the game

-Each level will progressively get harder (more hearts to hide behind, more movements, etc.)

-Have fun and do your best!

Fun Add-on

-A bonus option is to have students keep track of their score and earn one point for each correct answer

Valentine’s Day PE Games: Find The Gnome

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8 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day PE Games: Find The Gnome

  1. I am so impressed with all that you do, and I am just so grateful that you share such wonderful work with so many PE teachers! A million thank yous Mr. G. My remote and hybrid kids love all of your virtual masterpieces!!!

    1. Thank you so much for your kindness!! When I first started teaching 7 years ago, I felt like I was on an island and there really wasn’t much help/guidance for PE teachers. I know that has changed a lot since then, but I always try to remember that and love helping out any way that I can and continue to learn from others as well. I’m so glad to hear everything has been helpful and that your students love them!

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