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Valentine’s Day Classroom Games – Emoji Pictionary!

Valentine's Day Emoji Pictionary Overview

If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day classroom game or brain break activity, then I highly recommend Emoji Pictionary! 💘

This interactive game is perfect for students in grades K-2, but could also be used for grades 3-5 as well

I created a version of emoji pictionary for Thanksgiving, and it was a huge hit with my students, so I knew I had to create one for Valentine’s Day!

This activity can be used as a Valentine’s Day classroom game, an elementary PE warm up game, or as a fun brain break activity to get everyone moving! ❤️

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How To Play

-You can start by bringing up the video (which can be found below) or you can find it here PE With Mr G 

-To start, players will have 15 seconds to study the emoji clue

-Players will try to figure out what the hidden word/phrase the emoji’s represent 🤔

-Next, students will have 30 seconds to perform the dance, exercise, or yoga pose that matches with the correct word or phrase

-At the end of the 30 seconds, the correct answer will be revealed!

-There are 3 different levels in this Valentine’s Day game 💗

-Each level will progressively get more challenging with harder emoji clues and more options to choose from when picking an answer

-Good luck and have fun!

Valentine's Day Emoji Pictionary

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