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Steal the Pumpkin: A Spooktacular Halloween Game for Grades 1-5

Are you an elementary PE teacher searching for a spooktacular Halloween game to ignite the holiday spirit while keeping your students active and engaged? Look no further! “Steal The Pumpkin” is the perfect Halloween-themed activity for students in 1st through 5th grade. In this blog post, we’ll unravel the game’s setup, gameplay, and offer tips to make your Halloween-themed PE classes a memorable and physically active experience.

Game Setup:

1. Form Teams with a Halloween Twist:

-Divide your class into four teams, each representing a classic Halloween character – witches, werewolves, ghosts, and zombies. Assign each team to their designated area, using a cone to mark their ‘haunted house.’

2. Create the Pumpkin Patch:

-In the center of the play area, assemble a pumpkin patch by placing 20 or more bean bags (pumpkins) on the ground. This is the treasure trove that students will be eager to plunder.

3. Scarecrow Taggers:

-Appoint 2 or 3 players as the “scarecrows,” whose task is to protect the pumpkin patch. They remain inside the pumpkin patch, ready to tag any student attempting to ‘steal’ a pumpkin.


1. Stealing Pumpkins:

-The objective is for players to retrieve the pumpkins (bean bags) from the pumpkin patch and return them to their team’s ‘haunted house’ (cone).

2. Scarecrow Taggers:

-The scarecrows (taggers) must stay inside the pumpkin patch at all times. Their role is to tag players who venture into the patch to steal a pumpkin.

3. Team Pumpkin Retrieval:

-You can decide how many players from each team are allowed to retrieve pumpkins simultaneously (e.g., two from each team). This adds strategy and teamwork to the game.

4. Tagged Players:

-If a player is tagged by a scarecrow, they must sit down and await rescue from a teammate. A teammate can tag them on the back to release them, allowing them to return to their ‘haunted house’ before trying again.

5. One Pumpkin at a Time:

-Players are only permitted to take one pumpkin from the patch at a time, adding an element of strategy to the game.

6. Determining the Winners:

-The team with the most pumpkins at the end of the allocated time or when all the pumpkins have been collected emerges as the winners.

7. Scarecrow Victory:

-Should the scarecrows successfully tag all players while pumpkins remain in the patch, the scarecrows claim victory!


“Steal The Pumpkin” is a delightful Halloween-themed PE game that allows your students to embrace the spirit of the season while staying physically active. With its imaginative setup and engaging gameplay, this game promises an exciting and memorable Halloween experience for elementary students.

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