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PE Games: Aliens vs. Astronauts

Want to watch the video of how this game is played?! Click the following link: 

*PE Games Aliens vs Astronauts


  1. Some type of soft ball (squishy dodge balls work great)
  2. Bowling pins 
  3. Cones to divide the gym, but not necessary 


  1. Divide the students into two teams.  One side will be the Astronauts the other side will be the Aliens! 
  2. Set up the bowling pins on one side of the gym and these will represent the planets.  
  3. The Astronauts are the defenders of the Universe and they will be trying to protect the planets and stop any missiles (dodge balls) from destroying the planets.  If a planet does get destroyed or knocked over they have the ability to set it back up again.  
  4. Astronauts are also in charge of throwing the balls back into the Universe (to the other side)
  5. The Aliens must stay on their half of the gym, but are trying to destroy as many planets as they can before the time is up.  
  6. Play for several minutes before ending the round and switching roles.  

Additional ways to play:

  1. Can add a point value to the game: for each planet you destroy you score 5 points.  Every ball an Astronaut catches and throws back to the other side is worth 1 points etc.  
  2. Can adapt the game to utilize overhand throwing, rolling, or kicking.  
  3. Can play so astronauts can’t set back on the pins if they get knocked over 
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