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PE Games Hungry Hungry Monsters

Want to watch the full video on how to play?! Click the following link: 

PE GAMES: Hungry Hungry Monsters


  1. Hula Hoops
  2. Some type of balls students can throw and catch that are age appropriate.  These will be the pizzas! 


  1. Divide students into two teams and have them separated by some type of line in the middle.
  2. Place hula hoops on each side and this will be the monsters house.
  3. Choose several students to be the monsters and they will stand in the hula hoop (their home)
  4. When the game starts students will grab as many “pizzas” which are the ball and toss them to the monsters located on the opposite side.
  5. Students can only grab pizzas from their side.
  6. The monsters will be trying to catch/eat as many pizzas as they can before the round is over.
  7. The other students will keep track of how many pizzas they can successfully deliver to the monsters. 
  8. After 3 minutes or so, switch monsters so hopefully everyone can have a turn and add new elements to the game.  

Safety Concerns:

  1. Have students try to get the attention of the monster they are throwing to before throwing it; otherwise, you might have monsters getting hit by a lot of balls

Additional ways to play:

1. You can add the element where students can guard the houses and try to stop the pizzas from reaching the monsters

2. You can set the monster houses at different distances.  Closer it is=fewer points. Further away it is=more points.

3. Can choose to incorporate underhand throwing as well.  

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1 thought on “PE Games Hungry Hungry Monsters

  1. Hello! Great ideas! I tried the Hungry Hungry Hippos game with 1st and 2nd graders and they loved it! You should try possum tag! Talk about the when possums get scared, they play dead! So have 2 taggers and when they go around tagging the other players. When students get tagged, they lay on their backs with their hands and legs in the air. To get unfrozen, another student will come over and give them 2 high fives! Then they are free to play! My students love it!! Just talk about safety!

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