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Elementary PE Games: Hot Dog Tag

Tag Games – Hot Dog Tag Overview

The newest addition to the tag games series – Hot Dog Tag! 🌭

If you’ve never played hot dog tag, I’m afraid you’ve been missing out! It’s a fun elementary PE warm up game and a simple activity, especially for kindergarten at the beginning of the school year.

I typically play this games with grades K-2, but you could definitely play with grades K-5.

You can find the full video explanation down below! ⬇️

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How To Play:

Select 2-3 students to be taggers – (teaching tip – I like using pool noodles for taggers as it helps eliminate students getting pushed/tagged too hard and falling down)

The object of the game is to stay away from the hot dog taggers for as long as you can

If a student does get tagged, they will get turned into a hot dog

To be a hot dog, students will lay down on their back right where they got tagged

In order to get back in the game, hot dogs will yell out, “I need some buns!”

Other players who are in the game can rescue a hot dog by becoming a bun and laying down beside them

Hot dogs can only return to the game when they have a full hot dog, which means a bun (player) on each side of them

Once a hot dog has 2 buns, everyone is allowed to stand up and run back in the game!

When playing hot dog tag, there are two different Safe Areas:

If a player is a bun and laying down next to a hot dog, then they are safe and can’t get tagged

If a student sits down on the ground and puts their hands above their head making a point/triangle – we call that ketchup or mustard. When a player is ketchup or mustard, they are also considered safe and can’t be tagged

Play for a 2-3 minutes before switching taggers for a new round!

Tag Games – Hot Dog Tag

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